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We're a Texas couple that just like making high-quality customized wood products and providing excellent client service.

Hello and thanks for dropping by! We are husband and wife duo John Fisher and Stephanie Sharp. Years ago, one of our friends nicknamed us the Fisharps. Today, our business is Fisharply, seeing as how we make things in our own Fisharp-kind of style. We make design and create everything out of our home in beautiful San Antonio, Texas, USA. We love coming up with new designs and making things that others are able to find useful or otherwise enjoy. While we both have a preference for the beauty of a natural wood grain finish, we also dabble with other materials occasionally. We're tickled when we get to see our customer's photos of how they've used our crafts in their own creations or lives.

Fisharply formed in late 2018 when John, exhausted daily from a career in software development, chose to leave his secure and regarded position at one of the nation's top financial institutes in order to focus on doing the things that he enjoys most - and attempting to sustain himself and the family from it.

With a dream woodshop in the garage, a trusty, high-powered CO2 laser cutter, and our driven selves, we're shooting to become a recognized brand that's regarded for high quality original hand-crafted items and excellent customer service.

Thanks for taking the time to read our story and we wish you an amazing day!
-Johnny & Steph

Captains Log - 9 Aug/21
So that's the story from when we started our shop. A lot has happened since then, but we still strive for the same things, although they've become quite a bit clearer over the last few years. We've found that these things set Fisharply and our products apart from others:

- Ability to customize not only the personalization, but also the product itself.
- We work with our customers to realize how we can best meet their needs.
- We exceed customer expectations through every step of their interaction.
- Our products and processes are minimally wasteful.
- Our products are more durable than the alternatives available elsewhere, and at least as good looking.
- Rockstar customer service.
- Made in USA, Ships everywhere. Components sourced from USA whenever possible.
- Actively works to partner with other small US businesses for materials, assets, & supplies. (Want to discuss working together? Reach out!)

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