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The Best Home Office Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Your home office should be a comfort zone where it takes little to no effort to jump right in and be productive. And while there may be less pressure than a traditional office where a boss is looking over your shoulder, or you are pressured to complete your 9-to-5 work schedule. However, every office gets intimidating because it is associated with work. Therefore, it does wonders to personalize and decorate it. So go ahead and get your creative juices flowing to make your workplace as comfortable as it can be.

Home offices give you the great advantage of having the option to decorate. Your workspace can be completely personalized to your needs and wants with even just a few pieces. We have the perfect examples of some captivating but straightforward home offices! We'll now walk you through some home office decorating ideas on a budget on which you would not want to miss out.

1.      Nameplates

The essential factor in any office is you. You need to represent yourself in the best manner to any eager client, employee, or business partner. One massive contributor towards doing this is by having a personalized nameplate that sitting on your desk. Through investing just a few minutes into personalizing and placing a nameplate, you ensure that your name and role prominently display on the table. Though it may be surprising, this one small action takes massive strides towards helping the visitor to remember your name. Isn't that something that every business-oriented person would want? Personalized real wood nameplates are going to be one of the best things your money could buy for you in this regard.


A home office needs your name displayed on your front desk so your customers or dealers can know you and your occupation right away. A display needs not just to be sitting there on the desk waiting for you to tell it’s there; it needs to catch the person’s attention itself. Our unique wooden nameplates are great examples of home office decoration ideas as they fill in what your office needs. First, you select your preferred appearance from several beautiful, all-natural kinds of wood, including Maple, Walnut, Cherry, and Poplar. Next, add your name and title to serve as the spotlight, and you'll be quickly bringing great vibes and life into any home office in need of rejuvenation!

2.      Name tags

Any employees that you have (including yourself) should also have name tags. While keeping the theme consistent may not be a priority in everyone's eyes, it can grab a customer's attention and help to make a memorable experience. If you're going to be getting name tags, then you shouldn't be afraid to invest in sticking to a consistent theme and overall aesthetic - it'll even help make your employees feel special too. To this end, we offer a variety of wooden name tags that can be personalized with your business and employee's names - even your logo. Quality personal name tags is a small gesture that helps to make everyone feel like they're a bit more than just an employee.

3.      Pencil holders

Being (perceived as) organized is an essential trait in a professional environment. Here are some simple ways to show customers and coworkers alike that you're not a complete scatter-brained mess that doesn't know where anything is.


Take a moment to imagine yourself in a customer or visitor's shoes. You walk into an office and start talking with the owner. A few minutes later, you ask for a pen to jot down some notes. They check their empty coat pocket, fumble around some papers on the desk, and then concede to opening (a rather messy) desk drawer and begins shuffling through it before finally producing your pen. After having witnessed this spectacle, could you still have the same image of them as you did before? The answer is, of course, no! You don't want to put your clients in such a situation either!

To avoid a situation like that, you need to adequately prepare with items that can help you avoid making a mockery of yourself. It doesn't need to be something incredibly unique either; just a simple pencil/pen holder will do the job just fine. Luckily, our home office decorating ideas store also has some very exquisite pencil holders for sale as well. You could get by with a very basic home-made holder, but you also have to keep up a professional image, and these pencil holders can make a world of difference.


4.      Business card holder

In this era, there's simply no room for leaving visible holes in the way you present yourself to clients. Once you start taking a look at the tiny things that you could improve on, there are countless quick and small wins to be had. That's why we've taken the time to study up on those often-overlooked things - to provide you with these quick and easy solutions to prevent those holes from impacting your bottom line. Let’s take a look at the previous scenario again. You're a customer sitting in an office, and you're hitting it off with the individual. So well, actually, that you've lost track of time and really must be going. Suddenly, you realize that you don't have this person's direct contact information, so you request their business card. Visualize again, our hapless business-person searching their pockets and then opening their cluttered desk drawers to look for their business card. All the while, you're feeling the pressure of being late to your next appointment. The reality is that most people that leave without it won't get around to making an effort to look them up again. You certainly don't want to lose that big potential client due to your lack of a prominent place from which one could retrieve a card.

To avoid that awful scenario, we would suggest you have your business cards featured in a delightful holder on your desk where everyone can see it. Such would save from the embarrassment of having to make your client wait and getting a glimpse at your messy drawer. For this very reason, we have a variety of very professional and eye-catching business card holders in our store that can display between one and fifty cards at a time.

Which one of these home office decorating ideas on a budget do you plan on trying out? Have one of your own to share with the world? Let us know in the comments below!



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