Top 10 Ideas For Decorating Your Office At Work

You can’t be productive at work unless you feel comfortable there. A day at most jobs starts from 9 am and ends at 5 pm. That makes 8 hours of the day spent at the workplace. The workplace is a complete package of many daunting things such as dealing with one’s boss, making it till deadlines, and working hard. This requires one’s head to be in the right place. And we all know how we sometimes tend to stress instead. What increases stress is the workplace environment. Sitting at a desk for 8 hours doing repetitive work can make us go crazy. So what helps lighten up the workplace and release some of the stress it builds up?
It is good practice to try to make your workspace feel like it is really your own. Personalization of your office is both a fun journey and has an incredible output. You can even change it up after a few months. Do whatever you’re in the mood for! But utilize your space and bring elements into it which make you feel welcome. If you are at an office that makes you feel at home, you’ll see how much better you’d be able to work.


Clean and organized office desk space with accessories and decor

How should you achieve this? Here is a simple list of ideas for decorating your office at work.

1.    Organize your clutter

An office in which you can’t locate where your belongings are is a hassle to work in. It is highly distracting and brings one’s morale down. So before you start decorating, you must make sure that you create a clutter-free work environment. This might take the most time to do but you will be glad you did it once the mess has cleared!


Start by classifying your office supplies and grouping them together. You’ll naturally find a place to keep similar things together. For example, for stationary like pens, pencils, and markers, you could get this Wooden Mandala Mosaic Pattern Pen, Pencil, & Tool Holder.


You should also gather all the cards you have lying around your desk which you never bother to stack away and clear and keep them in a card holder like the one sold here: Desktop Business Card Holder, Capacity 50 Cards, Handmade from Your Choice of Real Walnut, Maple, Red Oak, or Poplar Hardwood.

2.    Turn it into YOUR office

If the cubicle, office, or desk is your space, you should know it and show it! Do so by personalizing your office to include your name or initials in a stylish and homely way. You could put up a door sign that says your name or adorn your desk with a good looking plaque which marks your territory. Giving your workspace a small touch to know it belongs to you will make you feel more comfortable in it.


This Personalized Real Wood Nameplate comes in many different colors and has your name engraved onto the wood.

3.    Decorate!

There are so many ways you can do this that it’s exciting even planning it! This is really limited by your own imagination. If you don’t want to spend much, however, here are the top 10 work office decorating ideas on a budget:


  1. Picture frames

You can buy picture frames from any thrift store and you’ll end up with 10 frames for $1. Go out and explore your local markets and you’ll find cheap deals on minimalistic frames which usually go well with any kind of office furniture. Once you have an assortment of frames, take out your favorite photos and start bringing your small workspace to life.

  1. Decorative storage boxes

I’m sure you have some cardboard boxes lying around in your home. Why not utilize them to create DIY storage spaces? You can have real fun with this by wrapping boxes up in decorative paper to complement everything else in your office. Put your things in them and scatter them around empty spaces in the office to make it look balanced.

  1. A comfort zone

If you have an office, you can create a small space for yourself to relax in. Line a part of the floor next to a corner wall with a rug that you don’t use at home. Stuff one or two cushions near the wall and keep a few books there to read when you feel like unwinding.

  1. A bulletin board

Old fashioned bulletin boards look great on office walls and make for great organizers! They are also very cheap and last a lifetime. They also come in different sizes so you can have them in cubicles, desks, or offices. Space is not an issue.

  1. Polaroids

Keep pictures of your loved ones in your office to make it feel more welcoming. Polaroids can be hung from wires and ropes on walls and can also be pinned to bulletin boards.

  1. A designated cleaning area

This is my favorite idea because it has more than one benefits. Buy or make a box and fill it with the essential cleaning supplies you would use on a normal day to tidy up your office. Keep it clean and organized in an easily accessible corner of your office so that it motivates you to clean and looks chic to anyone visiting your space.

  1. Books

Having books placed at the desk or on a shelf gives a sense of airiness to small spaces.

  1. Indoor plants

If you really want to bring your workplace to life, invest in plants! Small decorative pots can hold ferns and cacti. These little green companions will cleanse the air inside your office and keep you company.

  1. Posters and plaques

Put up posters and plaques of things you find inspiring. These will keep you going through the day and give you strength when you need it.

  1. Use your imagination!

Last but not least, let your creative juices flow and think about what will make you feel comfortable in your workspace.


These were some economical ideas for decorating your office. Just remember to keep your workplace clean and organized. Personalizing will be fun and a piece of cake then!

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