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    "A House is not a Home Without a Dog" Wooden Pallet Sign, Breed & Collar Color Customizable

    This adorable sign is a perfect decor piece for anyone that couldn't live without having a dog around - and with over sixty percent of US households owning a dog, that's the...

    Wooden Mandala Mosaic Pattern Pen, Pencil, & Tool Holder

    Put these complex and stimulating pencil holders to work in your space. Use them to neatly stash your favorite pens, pencils, brushes, and tools of all sorts out of the way. Start by choosing your...

    Wooden Wave Pattern Pen, Pencil, & Tool Holder

    Behold a clean and soothing pencil holder to put in your workspace. Use these to neatly stash your favorite pens, pencils, brushes, and tools of all sorts out of the way....

    Wooden Entryway Dog Leash Holder with Two Hooks and Double Mason Jar Organizer for Treats & Bags

    TODO This wooden leash holder comes with all the necessary attachments, a double hook leash hanger, and two labeled mason jar holders for both treats and bags. This item makes...

    Wooden Easel with Artificial Succulents

    It's a collection of beautifully sampled succulents mounted upon a cute matching easel.   Choose the wood for the succulent easel in order to match your space. We offer a...

    "Marriage: An Endless Sleepover with Your Favorite Weirdo" Rustic Chic Wooden Sign for Wall or Tabletop

    Create a warm country vibe by displaying this small whitewashed plaque that's  embellished with a testament true love on the wall of your home or table top.   We allow you...

    Five Sitting Dogs Engraved onto Rustic Finished Wooden Sign

    This simple and rustic plaques start with a plank of rustic, distressed wood and features a subtle engraving of five dogs that are sitting peacefully still for all time.  ...

    Flowery "HOME" Wooden Pallet Sign

      A beautiful rustic home sign, handcrafted with colorful yet neutral patterns and embellished with matching flowers. We precision-cut each of the letters from real wood and then apply the patterns shown...

    "Some Things Fill Your Heart Without Trying" Doggie Love Wooden Pallet Sign, Breed & Color Customizable

    A touching sign for anyone who's ever experienced the love of a dog. Make it personal and a perfect fit by customizing the breed depicted, along with the colors for the collar and the accented...

    "Enjoy The Little Things" with Paper Butterflies Framed Shadow Box

    A beautiful shadow box encasing pink paper butterflies leaving a glittering gemstone trail and a daily inspirational reminder to enjoy the little things. Specs: Measures 8.5" tall by 8.5" wide...

    "Be The Reason Someone Smiles Today" Framed Shadow Box With Flower Background

    A beautiful shadow box encasing yellow flowers with a daily inspirational reminder to be the reason someone smiles today. Specs: Measures 10" tall by 10" wide and 1.25" thick. Can...

    Dog Paw Print Zentangle Engraved into Wood & Mounted within Shadow Box Frame, Colors Customizable

    This beautifully rendered paw zentangle is stunning when engraved into your choice of painted wood and mounted into our shadow box frames. Specs: Measures 10" tall by 10" wide and...

    But My Little Homie is the Crazy One Wooden Dog Pallet Sign, Breed & Color Customizable

    We've got a pair like this. Perhaps you do too. Everyone seems to be cautious of the bigger dog while we know that it's the little that's to be worried...

    Three Wooden Potted Cactus on Heart-shaped Painted Wood Pallet Sign

    Do you <3 cactus? Grab this heart-shaped cactus sign today. The images show the poplar cactus selection, though we offer them in a variety of hardwoods.   Specs Measurements: Height:...

    Rustic Finished Wooden Sign with Engraved Sitting Labrador Dog Silhouette

    This tall wooden wall plaque features the engraved image of a sitting lab.   Specs: Measures 14" tall by 5.5" wide and 1" thick. Intended to be hung by the attached...

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