Lifted Finger-jointed Desktop Business Card Holder with Round Back & Arched Bottom


So now that you're all snazzy with your very own business cards, you'll want a stylish and attractive place to display them for your visitors. This simple and classic desktop business card holder is the perfect solution and is made from your choice of 100% hardwood.

We design and create all of our products right here in our beautiful home in San Antonio, Texas. My wife and I tag-team most of our design, sanding, and finishing work after we cut and sand the wood to size and shape. Intricate items such as this are taken to final shape with the help of our trusty laser (so that things get *just* right). We then finish everything off with super-fine sanding and a coat of food/skin-safe shellac.


You will receive one business card holder made out of your choice of quality hardwood - either Walnut, Poplar, Maple, or Red Oak - as pictured above.


Width: 5 inches / 127 mm
Depth: 1.75 inches / 44.45 mm
Height: 2 inches / 50.8 mm
Card Recess: 3.875 inches wide x 0.75 in. deep (50 card capacity)




Note that the exact wood pattern and coloration will vary between them simply due to the organic nature of the wood itself. Additionally, monitor display colors vary from screen to screen. Regardless, you can rest assured that choose to utilize only gorgeous slices of wood and that it'll be beautifully and uniquely yours. For more information on wood coloration and grain patterns, see our related blog post.

Handle with care. These business card holders are made of real wood and while sturdy, they are not unbreakable nor waterproof. Please do not immerse them in water.

Shipping & Delivery