Reversible Clean/Dirty Dishes Indicator Magnet

This cool, new clean/dirty dishwasher magnet may be one of the most useful kitchen accessories available. Engineered specifically to be a low-hassle, easy-read solution to answering the timeless question: "Are these dishes clean or dirty?" It's time to finally put an end to confusion and frustration caused by the lack of transparency into the status of the dishes! Why don't all dishwashers come with such a simple gadget? In fact, it's great for a few different appliances, including on the washer as an indicator for your laundry!

One side of this reversible, no-scratch magnetic sign features crisp, engraved text reading "CLEAN" on maple hardwood while the opposite side is an appropriately grungier-looking text that reads "DIRTY" and is engraved on cherry hardwood. The central portion is balsa wood which houses a tiny magnetic core meaning that it requires no hardware or stickers to be attached to your dishwasher - it simply sticks its non-stick self to the outside of the door.

Every item is cut, engraved, assembled, and shipped from beautiful San Antonio, Texas, USA by the husband and wife duo at Fisharply. If you like this style, then you may also enjoy some of our other products on Amazon!

Use and care: This item should be fully capable of holding up just fine to occasional contact with small amounts of water. It is, however, constructed of real wood. Therefore it should only be used on the outside of the dishwasher and never on the inside, nor should it be dipped or submerged into water.
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