Set of 4 Mandala Wooden Coasters with Gentle Cork Footing


What makes a home truly special? No home can be truly beautiful unless all the details are taken care of. And one of the most overlooked details is the coasters that you use. Coasters, after all, are one of the first things you present to your guests, and something on which they base their judgement of your dwelling.

This exquisite set of four coasters are made of three hand-crafted layers. On the bottom, a layer of nonslip real cork provides stability. Then a carefully shaped piece of the finest walnut is added to the base. Finally, a hand-carved piece of rarest poplar is attached, making this coaster both beautiful and functional.

Their luscious curves give the impression of a beautiful hand-carved mandala of symmetric floral-inspired shapes. No machine touches these exquisite gems, and the creativity of the fine craftsmen shows.

When your guests see these coasters, it will take their breath away. Though no two of these handmade gems are exactly alike due to natural subtle variance in the rare woods used to create them, the coasters in each set go together perfectly.

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