Wooden Diamond Chevron Dangle Earrings - Handmade of Real Hardwood


These beautiful hand-crafted wood earrings will add flair to any outfit or style. The chevron designs are hand-cut in Texas from natural hardwood. Each pair is unique due to the nature of the wood. They feature a French hook pierced design.


You can wear these dangle earrings with anything. Whether your style is modern, Bohemian, country or classic, these earrings will add beauty and charm. You are sure to get a lot of comments when you wear these, and all of your friends will ask you where you bought them. They are simple enough to wear to a casual weekend lunch, yet versatile enough to work or out to a nice dinner date.


Due to the earrings being made of wood, you do not have to worry about them rusting or tarnishing, but please be sure you do not immerse them in water. You can clean them as easily as you would clean your other wooden items, and they will be sure to last you for a long time.


- Width: 1.0 inches / 25.4 mm
- Height: 1.82 inches / 46.23 mm
- Thickness: 1/16 inches / 0.875 mm
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